Shooting “Hot to Trot”

Shooting “Hot to Trot”

Welcome to my office.

From big cities to tiny villages…and the amazing spaces in between. People from every walk of life—ordinary and extraordinary. The history and future of our civilization…and our planet. I’ve spent a lifetime telling thousands of stories, big and small. Your stories.

A Peabody and Emmy-winning photojournalist/documentary cinematographer, I do a lot of work with non-profit organizations. But I also do many kinds of productions: corporate, industrial, commercial and entertainment. I also self-produce small shoot/edit projects.

I’m known for producing a nice cinematic look quickly and simply…using just a good camera, a touch of lighting, a few nice lenses and my imagination. My work tends to feel organic and honest…a more natural look where subtle technique engages the viewer without getting in the way of the story. I believe every shot should evoke a feeling—to connect in a visceral way. I enjoy making the most mundane, everyday things look just a little more interesting. I’m always engaged, listening, planning ahead, anticipating the moment.

Have a story to tell? I can help you get there—and at very competitive rates. Let’s chat!