Shooting “Hot to Trot”

Shooting “Hot to Trot”

I’m a Peabody and Emmy award-winning doc cinematographer with 20+ years of pro experience. I’ve traveled the world capturing thousands of visual stories, big and small. Your stories. From multi-million dollar productions to micro-budget local work, I’m known for producing a nice cinematic look—quickly, efficiently and affordably.

My work tends to feel more organic…a classic look where subtle techniques engage the viewer while enhancing the story. I believe every shot should evoke a feeling—to connect in a visceral way.

I bring value to all kinds of shoots. Decades of pro experience has taught me to size up a location quickly, organize crew, manage clients and subjects, tear through a shot list and help keep a shoot on-track and moving in a happy way. And if things don’t go quite to plan, I will quickly pivot and press on. I enjoy the challenge of making the most mundane, everyday places and things look just a little more interesting. Not temperamental, I roll up my sleeves and get busy. I enjoy what I do, and it shows. My regular clients often just brief me then turn me loose, confident I’ll get what they need…and usually a few nice surprises, too.

In addition to documentary work, I shoot corporate, commercial, industrial, entertainment, science and healthcare projects. I also self-produce small films for local clients, often for a fraction of what a larger production company would charge.

Have a story to tell? I’ll help you tell it, with style—and at very competitive rates. Let’s chat!