Shooting “Hot to Trot”

Shooting “Hot to Trot”

I’m a Peabody and Emmy award-winning doc cinematographer with decades of pro experience. I’ve traveled the world capturing thousands of stories, big and small. From million dollar productions to micro-budget work, I’m known for producing a nice cinematic look—quickly, creatively, and efficiently.

I bring extra value to all kinds of shoots. I can size up a location quickly, help manage crew, clients and subjects, power through a shot list and keep a shoot on-track and moving in a happy way.

I have a reputation as a good shot-maker—a knack for making the most mundane, everyday places and things look a little more interesting—and beautiful. I thrive working in uncontrolled or less-than-ideal conditions. I can do very nice lighting when needed but my most valuable skills are using available light to it’s highest potential, and turning shots into sequences…and sequences into stories.

I also do corporate, commercial, industrial, entertainment, science and healthcare projects.