Shooting “Hot to Trot”

Shooting “Hot to Trot”

From big cities to tiny villages…and the amazing spaces in between. People from every walk of life—ordinary and extraordinary. The stories of our civilization and our planet. I’ve spent a lifetime capturing thousands of visual stories, big and small. Your stories.

As an award-winning documentary cinematographer, I’m known for producing a nice cinematic look…quickly and efficiently.

My work tends to feel organic and honest…a more classic look where subtle techniques engage the viewer without getting in the way of the story. I believe every shot should evoke a feeling—to connect in a visceral way. I love making the most mundane, everyday places and things look just a little more interesting.

I bring a lot of value to all kinds of shoots. Decades of pro experience has taught me to size up a location quickly, organize the crew, help manage clients, tear through a shot list and keep the production moving in a happy way. I make shots when they’re hard to find. Not a studio diva, I roll up my sleeves and get busy. I enjoy what I do, and it shows. My regular clients often just turn me loose, confident I’ll get what they need…and usually more.

In addition to documentary work, I also shoot corporate, commercial, industrial, entertainment, science and healthcare projects.

Have a story to tell? I’ll help you tell it, with style—and at very competitive rates. Let’s chat!