About John Cummings

Shooting “Hot to Trot”

I’m a Peabody and Emmy award-winning cinematographer with decades of pro experience. I’ve traveled the world capturing thousands of stories, big and small. From million dollar productions to micro-budget work, I’m known for producing a nice cinematic look—quickly, creatively, and efficiently.

I bring value to all kinds of productions. I can quickly size up a location and block out shots and sequences, manage crew, power through a shot list and help you keep your shoot on-track and moving in a happy way. All without losing sight of the most important thing: The Story.

I use only pro gear and know it well. I have a reputation as a good shot-maker—a knack for turning the most mundane shot into something memorable. My clients appreciate my versatility and what I can accomplish using minimal gear and less time. I like to think my most valuable skills are using available light to it’s highest potential, and knowing instinctively what to shoot and how best to do it.

In addition to documentary work, I also do corporate, commercial, industrial, entertainment, science and healthcare projects.